To incubate Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative for the Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast Region that will support all local governments and First Nations in implementing social procurement.


All local governments and First Nations in Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities have access to advice to develop in-house tools and skills to implement social procurement.


To improve the health of our communities and the strength of our economies by changing the culture of public sector procurement.


Social Procurement is a growing practice that seeks to better leverage tax dollars to achieve positive social outcomes aligned with community values and strategic objectives. Social Procurement has been adopted around the world and is demonstrating positive results for taxpayers and the wider community.

The Village of Cumberland was the first in the Association of Vancouver Island and Coast Communities (AVICC) region to adopt and implement a Social Procurement Framework. The Towns of Qualicum Beach and Ladysmith are also implementing procurement with a strategic focus to benefit the community. The City of Victoria Council has adopted the Good Jobs + Good Business = Better Community Action Plan and is working toward implementation. Across the region, there is about $300 M in procurement that could integrate social impact.

At the same time, across the Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities region there are ongoing social issues:

  • Youth and First Nations unemployment
  • More employment-ready young people on income assistance in 2016 than in 2006
  • There’s a labour shortage across many sectors
  • In the trades in particular, there is an anticipated labour shortage in the coming years due to retirements/demographics

Social procurement can mobilize purchasing power to create positive impact, leading to greater community well-being.

CCSPI has 8 goals:

Local governments in the Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities region are embracing and implementing social procurement.

There is a standardized approach to social procurement across local government while each local community has the ability to create the social value as determined by its elected officials/community.

Procurement staff in local governments are trained in social procurement and have the know-how to issue tenders and RFPs that result in community benefits.

Product and service suppliers are fully engaged, bidding on contracts and responding to RFPs issued by local governments.

The provincial government is aware of and supportive of CCSPI.

A robust monitoring reporting framework is in place.

CCSPI is a long-term, sustainable initiative.

Interest demonstrated by wider Municipal, Academic Institutions, Schools and Hospitals (MASH) sector.

Local Stories from CCSPI Communities

City of Victoria: Small Spends for Community Benefit

Learn how the City of Victoria is using it’s p-card spend as a first step to integrating community benefit across the organization.

Port Hardy: Test Driving Our Community Values

Read about how Port Hardy’s recreation centre upgrades provided an opportunity to meet emerging community and environmental needs.

Tofino: Unbundling for Local Benefit and Cost Savings

Read about how Tofino unbundled a large streetscape revitalization project to include local service providers.

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For more information about CCSPI or to schedule services, contact Project Coordinator, Robert Fisher at rfisher@scalecollaborative.ca

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