Why Join?

 Social procurement is becoming a best practice for purchasers. Gain access to social procurement experts who can help local governments and First Nations implement these practices. Members have access to:

Topic-specific webinars

Staff and professional development training

Online training and certification

Expert consultation

Shared resources and examples

Social procurement toolkits and impact measurement

Community Engagement

Community of practice forums and calls

Networking opportunities

CCSPI is supported through funding and membership fees. Membership fees are based on community population size.

Local Governments and First Nations

For local governments and First Nations, become a member of CCSPI by contacting Josie Osborne at The membership cost for a local government to join CCSPI is equal to two years of AVICC dues. The membership cost for First Nations to participate is $100

Purchasers & Suppliers

If you are an interested purchaser or supplier, contact Rob Fisher at for information on accessing services.