Social Procurement

What is Social Procurement?

Social procurement is an additional way that local governments and purchasers can direct resources towards community benefit. Since 2016, local coastal governments have been identifying ways to integrate social procurement principles and actions into their processes.

How Can Social Procurement Create Additional Value?

Social procurement can be adapted to meet specific community needs. Some communities have integrated into RFPs criteria such as employment of marginalized population groups, local food, housing affordability, community engagement, local economic revitalization, beautification and cultural amenities. The first step is identifying what your community’s challenges and needs are, and how procurement can help address them.

Why is Social Procurement Important?

Communities today are facing complex social, economic and environmental challenges. Every year, local governments across BC award contracts for goods and services with significant public funds. Social procurement focuses on ‘best value for money’ beyond just a financial transaction. It is becoming an increasingly expected practice that RFPs include local community and environmental impact assessments and goals, at all levels of government. Procurement becomes a tool for building healthy communities.