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Social Procurement 101 Part 1&2 - RDN

This training is divided into two sessions and will provide an overview of the best practices, policies and tools to advance social procurement within your local government and community context. The first session will be a 4 hour session wit ha one hour advanced session. These sessions will utilize lecture, discussion and interactive activities to outline:

  • What is social procurement (and what isn’t)
  • How to differentiate between social procurement and other procurement strategies
  • Assessing the economic multiplier effect
  • Assessing social return on investment
  • How to engage with local social enterprises and small, medium sized enterprises
  • The role and potential of Community Benefit Agreements
  • Identifying construction and infrastructure investment practices and opportunities
  • Aligning procurement practices with local social and economic strategies
  • Opportunities and constraints within the trade agreements
  • Local examples and strategies
  • Best practices around procurement criteria and social impact
  • Access to resources and further training

This session will be facilitated by David LePage.

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Non-Member cost $450

March 11, 2020

08:30 AM – 03:00 PM



SP 301: Social Procurement Implementation for Projects Under $250K

SP 301 builds on previous 101 & 201 training. This full day session will focus on the ‘under $250K’ spending thresholds and explore:

  • methodologies for achieving local objectives through social procurement (RFx, project objectives, bid criteria and evaluation processes, project monitoring and evaluation, RACi)
  • spending threshold and unbundling projects
  • Identify, engage and mobilize social value supply chains
  • key capacities for internal (staff) and external (consultants) resources
  • communications and change management

SP 301 will be focused on goods and services, direct awards and construction under $200K. SP 401 will look at infrastructure and large projects.


Non-Member cost $450

April 09, 2020

09:30 AM – 04:00 PM


Comox Valley, BC.